Drew's Story


Drew Swope was the kind of guy who would give you a sweaty bear hug to say hello. He was happy to debate anyone on any topic, strike up a conversation with a homeless person, let dogs lick him in the face, and a guy who generally just found this amazing balance between making you feel so invited into his life and challenging you to live more intentionally.

Among many things, Drew Swope was a husband, a brother, a son, a friend, and an advocate for more equitable housing options in Atlanta. He worked on homelessness projects in New York, on issues related to neighborhood transformation in Atlanta with Focused Community Strategies, and affordable housing projects with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs & the Benoit Group. He earned his Master’s Degree in City and Urban Planning from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Drew dedicated his professional life to providing more affordable housing options in Atlanta and encouraging more thoughtful, holistic development that looked beyond quick returns. Drew cared deeply for his family, friends, and the well being of the city he loved.

Drew’s death in October of 2017 left his family and broader community heartbroken, both for the loss someone who brought so much joy and energy to the people he loved, but also for the future ideas, projects, and justice work left undone by his sudden passing. He is sorely missed. Our hope is that Swope Dreams, in small ways, can exemplify the creative and passionate energy Drew brought to the fight for housing justice as well as the vision for what a thriving Atlanta might look like.