885 Smith St SW

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Our Opening Project: 885 Smith St. SE – renovating a currently unoccupied property and adding it to Atlanta’s permanently affordable housing stock.

As part of this initial project, we have purchased a home in the Pittsburgh neighborhood in Atlanta from one of our strategic partners, the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Our intent is to renovate and deed restrict it so that it remains a permanently affordable home. The deed restriction will mandate that the house can only change hands to residents of a certain income bracket and ensure that the home continues to be an affordable option into the future.

Pittsburgh is changing quickly, and the need for affordable housing options will only increase in the future. The neighborhood is experiencing a significant period of investment given its proximity to downtown and adjacency to amenities like the BeltLine.

We’d love your partnership on 855 Smith St. SE – through donations, volunteerism, or subject matter expertise. Contribute today or contact us for more information.